Manage expenditures by using the fleet card with restrictions & purchase controls. Reporting, accountability and improved operational efficiencies to reduce your overall costs.

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How Do Fleet Cards work?

A fleet card works like other credit cards, but with the added customization you need to effectively manage your fleet expenditures. Customize your card(s) to fit your business model. With a fleet card at Cardlock sites, you can set purchase controls such as fuel grade, transactions per day and gallons per transaction and can prevent non-fuel purchases and provide enhanced controls with maximum security. Universal card programs offer less control of the purchases but does offers the convenience of fueling when and where your driver needs to fuel and allows shopping for the lowest price station.

Why Do you need a Fleet Card?

Fleet cards will help you manage your company’s fuel and maintenance expenses, save you time and money and give you the controls you need to effectively manage your business. According to Fleet Magazine the average slippage or loss from theft of fuel or abuse of company fuel purchasing policies results in an average 10-15% loss. The average is estimated to be about 12% but studies have shown loss due to theft or abuse as high as 30%. If you could eliminating JUST a 5% loss, what would it do for your bottom line? Fleet card reporting also provides information to help you monitor and correct driver behaviors that might be affecting productivity.

What Fleet Card controls are available?

• Fuel purchases can be restricted to FUEL ONLY to eliminate unauthorized convenience store or truck stop purchases.

• You can track purchases by vehicle and or driver, require odometer entry, PIN # entry for every purchase to minimize fraud, and set spending and usage limits for each card by day, week or cycle.

• You also have the option of setting up exception notifications to help you stay on top of purchases that might need a closer look.

Most controls are enforced at retail sites however Product Grade Restrictions & Gallon Restrictions can’t be enforced at retail sites due to mapping issues at MPD pumps that differ by Brand & Pump manufacturer. Exception reporting is a critical tool to provide the information you need to address purchases that differ from the restrictions on the card with the driver.

What Fleet Card reporting is available?

A fleet card offers enhanced reporting providing details of:

•. Purchases by driver,

•. Vehicle miles per gallon,

•. Odometer readings to analyze fuel purchases and usage,

•. Exception reports that flag purchases that fall outside of the parameters you have set such as after hour purchases,

•. Daily transactions and daily dollars amounts,

•. Gallons per purchase and products allowed.

You can view/print or download reports & invoices into Excel. This allows you to sort the data by vehicle, driver, time of day, days of week, location of purchases, gallons, products, dollars, etc. Reports can be delivered electronically by email, faxed or printed and mailed whatever your preference.

How do you choose your Fleet Management partner?

Ed Staub & Sons has been serving the energy needs of local communities for over 60 years!  We are not just another fleet card company… we’re your partner and fleet management expert, to help you achieve results for your bottom line.

We can lower your aggregate fuel cost through a high control, high speed, information intensive system of checks and balances at Fuel Commander Network Cardlock sites. Plus, you’ll be welcomed with your Fuel Commander card acceptance at 92% of all retail fueling locations.








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