Now you can assign drivers to each card type based on travel requirements and level of control required.  No need to carry multiple cards to meet all your fueling needs.

> NO Cost to Apply

NO Cost to Setup Your Account

NO Ongoing Card Fees

NO Transaction Fees


Accepted at approximately 230,000 Voyager® Network Card Sites throughout the United States. That’s 92% of all retail fueling sites in the U.S so it is very easy to find fueling sites without a map or guide.

  • Limit or report # of Transactions per card per day, week or month
  • Limit Dollars per card per day, week or month
  • Restrict to Individual Locations, ZIP Codes or States
  • Exception Reporting & Purchase Alerts – Notifications that help you focus on certain purchases based on parameters you set




With the FUEL COMMANDER NETWORK Fuel Management program, we can lower your aggregate fuel cost through a high control, high speed, information intensive system of checks and balances at FUEL COMMANDER NETWORK Cardlock sites while also offering acceptance at 92% of all retail fueling locations as needed.
Using FUEL COMMANDER NETWORK cards at our FUEL COMMANDER NETWORK Cardlock sites & FUEL COMMANDER NETWORK Retail sites provides expanded controls, preferred pricing, reduced liability as sites are for commercial use, easy in and out, less time fueling & more time on the job.


Manage Your accounts

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